Famous Psychiatrists and Famous Psychologists

There is nothing new about the filter psychiatry. While it is an ever-changing fluid field, psychiatry has been around for centuries. There are many famous psychologists that have helped move along this important area of study. Here are a few psychologists that made important leaps in their field.

John Watson

John Watson was born January 9, 1878 North Carolina. He had a rough childhood which led him to be in average student during his formative education. However, once at Furman University he began to show great promise in psychology. Upon graduation from Furman University, he attended the University of Chicago to obtain his doctorate. While there, he began looking at psychology as a science that needed methodology to make it more exact. He became interested with psychology and animal behavior. His article “Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It,” argued that the filed had become stagnant because professionals were too focused on introspection and consciousness. He wanted to study people’s actions and behaviors in order to predict and manipulate the same actions and behaviors. His most well-known work was also his most controversial. He conditioned an infant boy “little Albert” to fear a white rat by playing a loud bell each time the rat appeared. He never deconditioned the boy not to fear the rat. There was also question about how well his experiment actually worked, because “Albert” was not the healthy boy, he claimed he was, instead he was a mentally challenged child.  Despite the controversy, his work made the field change by the 1930s, when Behaviorism became the dominant approach.

Alfred Adler

Born in February 1870, Alfred Adler is best known for his work in individual psychology. Adler was a medical doctor and psychotherapist in Austria. He maintained that humans were complex individuals that were separate from one another. He believed that while humans were individuals they should not be separated from society as to be able to study them together and see the impact they have on one another. He believed that individuals and societies are co-integrated with each other. His works on Famous psychiatrists was used to identify traits and behavior in children. He believed that lifestyle and personality were developed early in life.  He wanted a holistic approach to view the individual, a different approach than that of his contemporary Sigmund Freud.

Mary Ainsworth

Dr. Ainsworth was born in Glendale, Ohio in 1913. She studied at the University of Toronto beginning in 1939. She completed her doctorate 10 years later at the same university. She is best known for her work in child development psychology. After she finished her doctorate, and a brief stint in the Canadian Women’s Army, she returned to the University of Toronto. There she met her husband and the two traveled to England for his doctoral research. There she had a breakthrough of her won. She began studying the effect of maternal separation on child development. Once she completed her study in England, she went to Africa to prove that her conclusions were universal.  Her research indicated that the strength of the attachment wasn’t dependent on how much time a mother spends with her child, but dependent on whether the mother is able to meet the child’s needs. She later went on to teach at John Hopkins University. She also served as the head of the Society for Research in Child Development from 1977 to 1979.

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud is probably the most well-known name in psychology. He was born in Austria on May 6, 1856.  His work was mainly in neuropsychology. He started working in his field with hysteria and sexuality. His development of the three stages of immature sexual development known as the Oedipus complex is one of his best known studies. He also believed that patients could get rid of his or her neurotic condition through psychotherapy and talking about the pain of the past. Freud committed suicide in 1939.

All of the psychologists advanced their area of psychiatry for the better. Each of these psychologists brought new techniques to the field, many of which are still being used and studied to this day.


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