What is Methadone’s History?

The history of methadone treatment is going to derive back to Germany within the period of World War II, as well as originally was made to be a pain killer. Initially synthesized in the year 1939, methadone was set aside until after World War II as the U.S. started to test the chemical. Following years of trials as a pain killer and with methadone having had a multitude of brand names, in the year 1968, methadone history proves that it was successfully utilized in the treatment of opiate dependence in the United States. Over methadone’s history, the medicine evolved from an injectable drug to tablet form and finally to a liquid form.

Methadone in the 1930’s Era

In 1930s-age Germany, researchers worked upon a probable drug which might ease the discomfort of battlefield wounds as well as assist in managing pain while evacuating battlefield casualties. Methadone history proves that those tests were cut short and ultimately stopped by World War II’s advent, leaving the trials, as well as testing of methadone incomplete. With the completion of World War II, Americans discovered themselves in possession of the structure which housed the records and patent of methadone, which during that time was referred to as Polamidon. Americans started to test methadone in the year 1947 and then ultimately renamed it Dolophine.

Methadone in the 1950’s Era

According to stories which went into details on the history of methadone treatment, Eli-Lilly, an American pharmaceutical provider, performed the earliest American testing of methadone beneath the name Dolophine, which comes from the Latin term for pain, ‘dolor,’ as well as the French term for end, ‘fin.’ The majority of people thought that the history of the drug naming utilized Dolophine as a type of credit to Adolph Hitler. Within the 1950s, it’s proven in methadone’s history that there was almost no interest in or use of methadone, whatsoever. It wasn’t until the 1960s that Dr. Vincent Dole as well as Dr. Marie Nyswander found methadone in medical journals and then determined to attempt it on patients who were addicted to heroin.


Methadone in Present Day

Now referred to as methadone, the drug appeared to battle the symptoms of withdrawal of a person addicted to heroin while not becoming addictive itself. In addition, tolerance was slow to develop while utilizing the methadone on addicts of opiates, and the drug appeared to be milder on the kidneys, liver, and additional areas of the body than not just the heroin, yet the additional drugs utilized to fight the addiction. Provided as a drink, the methadone crystals or tablets are going to be dissolved inside a flavored drink or glass of water and then orally ingested by a patient.

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