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As you research the subject you rapidly find that the universal symbol for psychology includes the pitchfork-shape picture in the image above. While it’s good for short hand reasons, that is, drawing the symbol instead of spelling out psychology in its entirety; have you ever considered where this psychiatric symbol derives from?

One intriguing, yet totally improper implication is that this psychiatric symbol is somehow associated with the fork carried by Satan. One theory will go that due to mental illness being historically seen as the work of Satan, psychology by association was thought to be diabolical; and within an irreverent show of defiance, psychologists have adopted the devil fork shape as an official symbol.

The truth is that to find the origin of this psychiatric symbol, you merely need to trace its etymology (sense development and word origin).

As could be viewed from the image above this symbol for psychology will represent psi, a letter in the Greek alphabet that’s additionally the initial letter of the Greek term psyche, meaning soul or min, from which the word psyche arose; that, consequently provided us the name of the discipline psychology that’s commonly described as the study of the mind.


What’s Psychology?


Possessing a solid grip of what psychology is about is important for anyone wishing to explore the subject closer. Now it might sound like an obvious thing to say, yet psychology includes one of those words which are oftentimes banded around without any actual thought as to its real meaning.


Psychology Terms


Now that you know more about the psychiatric symbol, to assist in understanding the ambiguity that surrounds psychology, let us begin by taking a peek at a few psychology definitions:


  • According to the British Psychological Society, psychology includes the scientific research of people, behavior and the mind. It’s a vital professional practice and thriving academic discipline alike.
  • According to the American Psychological Association, it’s the scientific study of individuals’ behavior and their mental processes.
  • According to Wikipedia, psychology includes an applied and academic and discipline that involves the scientific study of mental behavior and processes.


The consistent theme across those definitions includes that psychology is basically concerned with comprehending behavior.


Psychology Branches


A lesson on the psychiatric symbol and psychology wouldn’t be complete without understanding the branches of psychology. Branches of psychology involve these faculties:




The study is targeted at relieving dysfunction or stress which is triggered because of different psychological reasons. It results within physical and emotional well-being and personal development. Psychologists who pursue this stream of study research the depths of clinical neuropsychology and forensic testimony. The experts utilize uniquely adapted and designed therapy modules to generate therapeutic alliance. Subsequent exploration of psychological issues assists in identifying and applying new behavior and thought models.




This psychology branch researches abnormal behavior. The goal includes understanding the shift in nature and irregular interactive patterns that are adopted by a person. It utilizes clinical psychology and psychopathology to study the causes behind a psychological disorder. This psychology branch researches maladaptive features of this condition, within the presence of dysfunction, stress and/or disability.




This researches the mental processes which dictate behavioral traits. It’ll experiment with attention, memory, perception and learning, to apply data processing to normal functions and mental reasoning. It’s for this purpose that it’s additionally referred to as experimental psychology. Cognitive psychology includes the result of input from different linguists, logicians and neurobiologists, who emphasize not just on theory, yet additionally formalization.




Animal behavior patterns are researched. This science branch is essential to psychological studies. It offers comparisons in order to ascertain traits and show evolutionary links. Researching animal behavior additionally allows the psychologists to get an improved comprehension of human psychology. Animal subjects are experimented with, to research behavior and emotion.




This refers to the research of interpersonal relationships throughout a timespan. The concentration, in this psychology branch is on vocational, developmental, educational, emotional and social issues which bring on big changes in behavior. Counseling psychologists use psychotherapy to experiment upon sensitive relationship-base problems.




It primarily concentrates upon the development of the mind. All of the goals are directed toward an improved understanding of change and perception. Intellectual and moral development will be targeted at the completion of all sessions. Study includes a more in-depth study into behavior triggers in existence in natural settings, as well as physical change.




This psychology branch researches educational interventions and settings. Psychologists will experiment with dimensions of teaching, as well as social psychology applied in colleges and schools. Educational psychology will influence general practices and teaching methods around and in the campus.




This researches the mental frame as biological substrates. This psychology branch evaluates behavior which arises from reactions inside the nervous system. Many of the studies are performed through experiments with cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. The goal includes understanding the functionality of the brain regarding various psychological processes and triggers. Biological psychology connects human behavior with the human brain to research the regions inside the brain linked with specific reactions.




Evolutionary psychology, pretty much a new dice played upon the psychology board, simply stated, strives to comprehend why and how humans evolved with set behavioral modes and perspectives which determine an inherited algorithm of in-depth defense mechanism applications. The method in which our ancestors endured problems, as well as their plans inducing response, as well as actions includes things which are researched. Those circumstances with their respective answers are treated, to understand how spontaneous and thought-over responses became innate inside prevailing cultures worldwide.




This includes a sub-industry of psychology which concentrates upon the overall element of health maintenance. Social, behavioral, physiological, and psychological dimensions of a person are taken into account in which health psychology will be concerned. Further elaborating upon the idea of health psychology, the stream additionally focuses on offering preventive treatments and steps, serving as a virtual assistant to keep healthy and fit. Health psychology additionally tries to understand the reactions of individuals enduring specific health conditions, as well as how they cope with the same.




A person’s personality will inherently define who he or she is today and what the behavioral mode we apply to react and cope to circumstances is. The matter in which we make decisions, modulate our moods, and function is unique to all of us. The research of the different personality types is referred to as personality psychology.




It’s an indispensable ideal in the industry of public interest, science and education. Quantitative psychology handles techniques and methods used to assess data collected via design and research for the purpose of understanding typical humanistic traits, as well as strategies of response producing.




This focuses on behaviors displayed by people in different social settings. It additionally researches additional components of social interaction and types of behavior which mold a person’s reactions, conforming to building a collection of responses for social circumstances.




International or global psychology, an upcoming psychology stream, handles the interrogatory evaluation of human phenomena and perspectives on a worldwide basis. Inter-racial disturbances and conflicts, extent of mental health problems, and environmental worries are a few factors addressed upon the global platform.


Psychology includes a broad industry in which human thoughts, perspectives, eccentricities and behaviors are researched to accomplish a paradigm of analysis and assessment of the mentioned variables.






Types of Psychology: