Psychology and Mental Health Jobs

If you’re interested in joining the field of Psychology, you know that you will need a good education. Depending on the area of psychology, you wish to go when there may be different requirements for your education. Each area of this field will need continuing education credits each year to fulfill licensing or certification requirements.

Below is a list of minimum degree requirements for some careers in psychology. These are minimum education requirements and as always pay and job opportunities are better with more education. To obtain a Master’s degree you will need to three years of graduate school. To obtain a doctorate degree you will need 4 to 7 years of graduate school. Bachelor’s degree requires 4 to 5 years of undergraduate education.

  • Criminal psychologist: Master’s degree
  • Clinical psychologist: Doctorate degree in psychology
  • Health psychologist: Doctorate degree
  • School psychologist: Master’s degree
  • Licensed counselor: Master’s degree
  • Industrial organizational psychologist: Master’s degree
  • Sports psychologist: Master’s degree
  • Forensic psychologist: Master’s degree
  • Social psychologist: Doctorate degree
  • Social worker: Bachelor’s degree
  • Child psychologist: Doctorate degree

To obtain any of these degrees you first must start with an undergraduate degree. At the under graduate-level you obtain your bachelor’s degree in the field of psychology. Each state and school varies on the number of credit hours and psychology classes you need to obtain your bachelor’s degree. However, if you want to continue in the field of psychiatry you must at least obtain this minimum degree. While your studying for your bachelors in psychology you will take classes in topics such as research methods, developmental psychology, social psychology, decision-making, and clinical psychology.

A person who only has a bachelor’s degree may apply for a limited number of jobs in this field. There are a few federal government jobs you can work for as well as being an assistant to a licensed psychologist. However, if you want to do more and you must have at least your master’s degree. In order to obtain your master’s degree you must have your bachelors and has specific tests to be accepted into a Master’s degree program. Once accepted into the program, you will take more courses on general psychology as well as advanced courses in statistics and psychological methods and research. You can also study a more concentrated area if you choose.

If you want to run your own practice, however, you’ll be required to have a doctorate in psychology. Most states require either a PhD or a Psy.D for those who want to go into private practice. If your area of interest is research, you may consider a doctor of philosophy and psychology degree. However, if you want to practice psychology and treat patients your Dr. of psychology degree would be best. To obtain your Dr. of psychology degree you are mean to go to medical school and complete your training there.

Those interested in a doctoral degree must complete research, comprehensive exams, and even a residency in the field of psychology. Each school and state varies on the requirements for the program. Students who are working to obtain their doctoral degree often work is teaching or research assistants in exchange for a stipend. Those that go on to get their Master’s degree before they start their doctoral program can also have the credits from their master’s degree count toward some of the credits for their doctoral degree.

If you’re interest in joining the field of psychology, you need to check with your local schools to see what is the requirements. Each school varies on what is required to obtain a bachelors, Masters, or doctorate degree in psychology. You should also check the field that you want to work in to see what degrees you need in order to be successful.