Signs of Depression

Just because you’re unhappy does not mean you’re depressed. While we may use the word depressed on a daily basis to describe how we feel as in sad or having a bad day it actually doesn’t mean what we say. Actual depression is much worse than just having a bad day or feeling little sad. Professionals in the field of psychiatry will explain that and major depression is an unshakable feeling that is persistent and can actually start destroying your life. However, if you recognize the signs of depression you can get the help you need and get back to your life more quickly.

One of the first major signs of depression could be changed feelings. Because major depression is a mood disorder that affects the way, you are having a feeling of helplessness or hopelessness can be an indicator. You may also feel guilty for no real reason, self-hatred, or worthlessness. If you are constantly asking yourself “what’s the point,” or telling yourself, “it’s all my fault,” you could be spiraling into a major depression.

Another key indicator that you may be depressed is loss of interest. If you no longer find joy or pleasure in the things, you used to find joy and pleasure in this could be a warning sign. Depression robs you of pleasure and enjoyment out of the normal things you love. If you no longer are interested in doing a hobby or participating in a specific sport, you may be headed for major depression. You may also experience decreased interest in sex men specifically may experience impotence.

Normal people don’t consider suicide as an option. However if you are clinically depressed, considering death can be an indicator. This is especially true if you have never shown signs of suicidal thoughts or tendency in the past. Out of the more than 34,000 people that commit suicide every year, 90% of those people were diagnosed as clinically depressed prior to the act. A person who commits or attempts to commit suicide usually shows signs or symptoms of depression before hand.

Another indicator that you may be depressed is emotions. If you are having uncontrollable emotions, such as an outburst of anger one minute and uncontrollable crying the next that could be an indicator that you are depressed. Depression can cause your mood to swing from one extreme to the other keeping you from being able to be calm and rational. This is also similar to bipolar disorder and often causes some confusion between the two.

Sudden weight loss or sudden weight gain can also be indicators of depression. A person who is depressed may eat uncontrollably while another person may not be able to eat it all. The key is, whether the gain or loss is an intentional choice. A person who chooses to gain weight or chooses to lose weight is not depressed. However, a person who is depressed has no control over the choice.

Anxiety and irritability also play a part as being a sign of depression. If you aren’t unexplainably anxious all the time, internalizing problems or unexplainably irritable all the time, externalizing the problem, it could indicate a deeper issue.

Probably one of the most common signs of depression however, is fatigue or excess sleeping. Because this varies from person to person, a person who is depressed may sleep more often than a person who is not depressed. On the other side of the coin a person who is depressed may not be able to sleep at all. Depression comes with a lack of energy and it can make a person feel lethargic which leads to a person sleeping more often than they normally would. However, for most people depression can keep them from resting so that even though they feel tired and lethargic there is no sleep.

While individually, each of these warning signs of depression could be symptoms of something else, or just life in general coupled with one or more symptoms they should be taken notice of. If you or someone you love exhibits more than one of the symptoms of depression, you should seek help with a psychiatry professional.

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Signs of depression