Types of Psychologist Jobs

Types of Psychologist Jobs

Types of Psychologist Jobs

A person who is interested in going into the field of psychiatry knows that being a psychiatrist can mean many different things. There are many different psychology jobs available to those who want to enter this interesting field. While being a counselor or clinical psychologist might be exactly what you want to do, it is by no means the be all and end all of the field. Here are some equally interesting jobs that may be more to your liking.


A geropsychologist might sound a little strange but in reality these are psychologists that only treat elderly people. As the population of elderly continues to grow, this field has become a popular one. Psychologists who specialize in this field keep older adults mentally healthy and vibrant. They also work with those who have cognitive impairments.

Experimental Psychologist

An experimental psychologist uses the scientific method to design research studies that explore topics within psychology. An experimental psychologist will study cognitive processes common personality and human development, and social behaviors. A person interested in working in this field often specializes in either educational psychology, personality psychology, or cognitive psychology. While there may be work in the private sector, an experimental psychologist may work for universities, research centers, government agencies, or nonprofit organizations.

Military Psychologist

A military psychologist will work with in a branch of the armed service and will research, treat, and assess those who work for the military. Much of their job will include the care and counseling of soldiers in the Armed Forces. However, that is not all that a military psychologist can do. They also spent time researching the different aspects of military life and combat. In military psychologist may have a workload that includes researching the psychology of combat, helping soldiers cope with stress and fatigue, counseling soldiers as they returned to civilian life, offering mental health services to soldiers and families, aiding those who suffer from injuries during their service, and possibly interrogating prisoners. This field is rapidly growing.

Health Psychologist

A health psychologist is focused on people having a healthy life. Health psychologist spend time studying biological, social, and psychological factors that influence people’s health. They were considering such as universities, government agencies, healthcare centers, and hospitals. Some of their work may include helping people to lower stress, stop smoking, eat healthier, or lose weight.

Aviation Psychologist

Aviation psychology involves the study of pilot, air-traffic controllers, and other flight crewmembers. This is a little-known specialty in the area of psychology. In aviation psychologists duties may include designing flight decks, selecting training pilots, investigating aviation accidents, evaluating prospective employees, and assessing cabin safety.

Organizational Psychologist

Organizational psychologists are also known as industrial organizational psychologists. A person who decides to go into organizational psychology will be studying workplace behavior. This field is relatively new and is fast-growing. An organizational psychologist may work with human resources to screen entire job applicants. Organizational psychologists are often used to help design and administer employment screening tests and selecting job candidates that are the perfect fit for jobs within a company.

Criminal Psychologist

Criminal psychology allows you to work with law enforcement with their work catching and convicting criminals. A criminal psychologist will develop psychological profiles of criminal suspects, helping law enforcement catch online predators, and assess convicted criminals of their risk of reoffending. While this job may not be like you would see on television is still offers plenty of excitement.

Consumer Psychologist

Retailers and businesses are often concerned with attracting new customers and expanding their clientele base. A consumer psychologist works with these companies to study and research consumer behavior. Consumer psychologists study how and why people purchase goods, how they influence family and friends, and how media messages affect buying behavior. A consumer psychologist will work with focus groups to determine how appealing a product maybe, help develop advertising and marketing campaigns, and conduct research on shopping and buying behavior.

There are many subfields within psychology that will allow you to specialize and grow your career. While being in psychology may be about helping others, sometimes helping others includes doing something more than just listening to them talk about their problems and offering them advice. Psychiatry is one area that is constantly growing and changing as new information emerges.

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